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Friday, 27 March 2009 09:14
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US 20060233850, WO 2006113407

A composition comprising an alginate and a gelatin that is useful as a bioscaffold for the infarct region of a heart or as a coating on a biomedical device (e.g., stent or pacemaker lead).


Advanced Cardiovascular System (Santa Clara, CA, USA), Michal ETClaude C, Kwok C, Liao S, Michal ET, Michal G, Qu J4/19/200510/19/2006, 10/26/2006
WO 2006097611, FR 2883299

Use of an organic precursor compound for the formation of a homogeneous organic film on a (semi)conductor electric surface; useful for microelectronic components and biomedical devices.


Commissariat Energie Atomique (Paris)Deniau G, Palacin S3/15/20059/21/2006, 9/22/2006
US 20060193894, WO 2006093725

A method for manufacturing biomedical devices (e.g., contact lens, stent, catheters, intraocular lens and implants) involving contacting the surface of the device with humectants and using ultraviolet radiation to produce a stable hydrophilic and antimicrobial coating.


Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Jacksonville, FL, USA), Homesley PM, Jen JS, Jones RE, Petisce JHomesley PM, Jen JS, Jones RE, Petisce J2/28/20058/31/2006, 9/8/2006
US 20060172983

New functionalized drugs useful for treating and preventing cancerous disease, reducing pain and inflammation, and in implantable biomedical devices and polymeric compositions, such as bioabsorbable chewing gum.


Bezwada Biomedical (Hillsborough, NJ, US)Bezwada RS1/28/20058/3/2006
US 20060145792

A micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) switch for biomedical devices, etc., with a movable conductive plate positioned between upper and lower electrodes, and vertical posts coupled to rings that are integral to the conductive plate.


IBM (Armonk, NY, USA)Clevenger L, Dalton T, Hsu LC, Radens C, Wong KH, Yang C1/5/20057/6/2006
US 20060142524, WO 2006071387

A prepolymer used for hydrogel copolymers, with a polymerizable ethylenically unsaturated radical, diradical residue of diisocyanate, diradical residue of polysiloxane diol and diradical residue of diol; useful for increasing oxygen permeability, tensile modulus and water content in biomedical devices, especially ophthalmic devices such as contact lenses, intraocular lenses and ophthalmic implants.


Bausch & Lomb (Rochester, NY, USA)Lai Y, Lai YC, Lang W, Quinn ET12/29/20046/29/2006, 7/6/2006
US 20060109045

A voltage-rectifying circuit with a source signal input coupled to an input-judgment circuit and a switching circuit, where the switching circuit has switching units that are transistors; for use in implantable biomedical devices.


Neurostream Technologies (Vancouver, BC, Canada)Baru M2/24/20035/25/2006
WO 2006116326, US 20060255293

A method for improving parylene-to-parylene adhesion in, e.g., a biomedical device, comprising providing a device having multiple parylene layers on a substrate in a vacuum chamber, and heating at least two adjacent parylene layers to a temperature that is greater than a deposition temperature at which the parylene layers were formed to enhance adhesion of the parylene layers.


California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA, USA)Li W, Rodger DC, Tai Y, Tai YC, Tooker A4/21/20054/21/2006, 4/21/2005
US 20060068224, EP 1642653, JP 2006102499

A method for the production of a fluoride-coated biomedical device, comprising exposing a surface of biomedical device to a plasma in presence of solid source of fluorine; useful particularly in implantable orthopedic devices such as knee, hip, shoulder and elbow prostheses.


DePuy Products (Warsaw, IN, USA), Grobe G, Heldreth M, Orban J, Paquin D, Spanyer JM, Tarr RRCampbell J, Grobe G, Heldreth M, Orban J, Paquin D, Spanyer J, Spanyer JM, Tarr RR9/30/20043/30/2006, 4/5/2006, 4/20/2006
US 20060054488

A nanotube/polymer composite resistant to ionizing radiation, produced by sonicating single-wall carbon nanotubes, introducing polymethylmethacrylate into the nanotubes to form a polymethylmethacrylate/single-wall nanotube mixture, and sonicating the mixture; used in the manufacture of biomedical devices.


Clayton LM, D'Angelo J, Harmon JP, Muisener PAOClayton LM, D'Angelo J, Harmon JP, Muisener PAO11/27/20023/16/2006
JP 2006062208

A fine-structure transfer device with opposing substrate and stamper that are mounted on a temporary mounting surface, so that storage elements move to the same planar position as the substrate mounting surface; used for transferring fine structures (e.g., integrated extra sub micron pattern during fabrication of DNA chips, biodevices, semiconductor multilayer interconnection structures, printed circuit boards (PCB), micro electro mechanical systems, etc.).


Hitachi Technology Engineering (Tokyo)Ando T, Kondo Y, Kuwabara K, Miyauchi A, Ogino M, Takahashi K8/27/20043/9/2006
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