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Friday, 27 March 2009 09:11
Patent #SubjectAssignee(s)Inventor(s)Priority application datePublication date

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WO 2005063968, EP 1698690, JP 2005516741

A basal medium for producing a culture medium for embryonic stem cell culture, comprising preset amount of components, e.g., l-arginine, l-serine, l-threonine, P-aminobenzoic acid, inositol, nicotinamide, hypoxanthine, calcium pantothenate, linoleic acid, lipoic acid, prolecin dihydrochloride, thymidine, sodium chloride, glucose (anhydrous), sodium pyruvate, sodium selenite and phenol Red.


Asashima M, Furue M, GS Platz Co. Ltd. (Tokyo), Okamoto TAsashima M, Furue M, Okamoto T12/26/20037/14/2005, 9/6/2006, 7/19/2007
WO 2007056593, US 20070129353

Nitrogen-containing heterobicyclic compounds useful for the treatment of a cancerous condition, e.g., acute lymphocytic leukemia, cancer of the adrenal cortex, breast cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer, and a method for eliminating teratoma-forming stem cells prior to transplant into a mammalian subject involving incubating a stem cell culture with the heterobicyclic compound.


Institute for Chemical Genomics (Kirkland, WA, USA), Kahn MKahn M11/8/20055/18/2007, 6/7/2007
WO 2007002664, US 20070122392

A cell culture composition comprising a biocompatible matrix comprising cross-linked hyaluronic acid and mammalian embryonic stem cells disposed within the biocompatible matrix, where the composition is free of laminin.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA, USA), Burdick JA, Gerecht-Nir S, Langer RS, Vunjak-Novakovic GBurdick JA, Gerecht-Nir S, Langer RS, Vunjak-Novakovic G6/22/20051/4/2007, 5/31/2007
US 20070105215

A method for culturing stem cells using ATP-Binding Cassette transporters (ABC transporters) by bringing a stem cell culture into contact with an anti-tumor drug or toxin as a substrate of ABC transporters to allow the substrate to react with the stem cell culture, and reculturing viable cells among the stem cell culture which reacted with the substrate, the viable cells having no substrate introduced in it.


Samsung Electronics (Seoul)Kim BC, Lee YS, Song OR11/3/20055/10/2007
US 20070087332

Isolated pulmonary stem cells, which are slowly dividing cells forming individual colonies in vitro, express the marker Oct-4 and undergo terminal differentiation into a mature phenotype; useful for generating new cells to replace diseased and damaged body tissues.


Ling T, Yu AL, Yu JCLing T, Yu AL, Yu JC10/17/20054/19/2007
JP 2007089575

A method for producing collagen such as collagen type 14 or collagen type 12, involving introducing a vector containing myodifferentiation inducer factor into a cell; the cell is derived from an animal, preferably mouse mesodermal stem cell culture strain MC3T3-E1, ATDC5 or C3H10T 1/2.


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Tokyo)Arai K9/2/20054/12/2007
WO 2007030469, US 20070077649

A method for culturing a successor cell, e.g., astrocyte, oligodendrocyte or neuron, from a precursor cell, comprising co-culturing a precursor cell with an adult mesenchymal stem cell derived from adipose tissue.


Kokai LE, Marra KG, Sammak PJ, University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)Kokai LE, Marra KG, Sammak PJ9/6/20053/15/2007, 4/5/2007
JP 2007037426

A serum-free medium for culturing animal stem cells, obtained by adding an antimicrobial peptide to a basal medium for animal cell culture, which does not contain blood serum; enables excellent and efficient culture and proliferation of animal stem cells equivalent to the medium comprising blood serum, reduces the risk of infection during the culture and obtains cells free from infections such as viral infections and BSE.


Futagawa H, To Sell KK (Tokyo)Futagawa H, Kato Y, Nishimura M, Tsuji K8/1/20052/15/2007
WO 2007002210

A composition for culturing a pluripotent mammalian embryonic stem cell, comprising an extracellular matrix and a medium consisting of a basal salt nutrient solution, an activator of insulin-like growth factor family-1 receptor (IGF-1R), serum albumin, an activator of an fibroblast growth factor (FGF) receptor, transferrin, and optionally, a member of the transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) family.


Bresagen (Athens, GA, USA), Cythera (San Diego, CA, USA), Robarts Research Institute (London, ON, Canada), University of Georgia Research Foundation (Athens, GA, USA)Baetge EE, Carpenter M, Dalton S, Robins AJ, Schulz TC6/20/20051/4/2007
WO 2006135824

Maintaining pluripotent stem cells, e.g., human embryonic stem cells, involving growing the cells in a basal medium containing substituted 7-amino-1-methyl-3,4-dihydro-1H- pyrimido(4,5-d)pyrimidin-2-one derivative.


Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, CA, USA)Chen S, Ding S, Schultz PG, Yan F6/10/200512/21/2006
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