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Monday, 23 March 2009 08:59
Patent #SubjectAssignee(s)Inventor(s)Priority application datePublication date

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WO 2007081680

Diagnosing whether a subject has, or is at risk for developing, pancreatic cancer or pancreatic acinar cell carcinoma, involving measuring the level of the microRNA (miRNA) gene in a test sample.


Ohio State University Research Foundation (Columbus, OH, USA)Calin GA, Croce CM1/5/20067/19/2007, 12/27/2007
WO 2007124072, US 20070281314

A method of isolating an miRNA sample from skin comprising applying an adhesive tape to a target area of the skin in a manner to isolate an epidermal sample, where the epidermal sample contains miRNA, where the tape comprises a rubber adhesive, and where the tape is pliable, thus isolating an epidermal sample adhering to the adhesive tape.


Dermtech International (San Diego, CA, USA)Benson NR4/20/200611/1/2007, 12/6/2007
WO 2007021896, US 20070123482, US 20070213292

A method of reducing the amount of an miRNA in a cell in a subject for treating, e.g., hemolytic anemia, arthrogryposis complex congenita, pituitary ectopia, rhabdomyolysis or hyperkalemia by administering an antagomir to the subject, where the oligonucleotide agent is substantially single-stranded.


Rockefeller University (New York), Alnylam (Cambridge, MA, USA), Manoharan M, Rajeev KG, Stoffel MManoharan M, Rajeev KG, Stoffel M8/10/20052/22/2007, 5/31/2007, 9/13/2007
WO 2007095614

A new array of oligonucleotide probes comprising probes that selectively bind a mature mRNA and a platform on which the probes are immobilized; useful for identifying miRNAs in a sample.


University of Louisville Research Foundation (Louisville, KY, USA)Wang E2/15/20068/23/2007
JP 2007179274

An miRNA search method involving determining the base sequence data of a stem loop structure extracted from nucleic-acid-base sequence data, which becomes the base-sequence candidate of an miRNA.


Fujitsu (Tokyo), Toyobo (Osaka, Japan), Toyobo Gene Analysis (Tsuruga, Japan)Arakawa T, Kawasaki H, Mizuno T, Taira K12/27/20057/12/2007
WO 2007073737

A method of detecting the tissue origin of cancer comprising contacting a sample derived from a sample containing tumor cells with detection probe, which is a member from a collection of detection probes, the collection of detection probes being capable of specifically identifying target RNA sequences in all miRNAs of the mammal.


Exiqon (Vedbaek, Denmark)Echwald SM, Glue C, Jacobsen N, Litman T, Moller S12/29/20057/5/2007
WO 2007064301

A nanoparticle useful for detecting an analyte molecule, e.g., miRNA, comprising a transition metal oxide and a capping agent having a ligand group and a functional group.


Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Singapore)Gao Z11/30/20055/7/2007
JP 2007075095

A microarray for miRNA detection comprising a capture probe of endogenic low–molecular weight RNA. The microarray enables comprehensive and efficient analysis and detection of miRNA and can correctly track time-dependent expression change of miRNA by conducting a relative miRNA expression analysis.


Mitsubishi Rayon Co. (Tokyo), Kokuritsu Seishin Shinkei Center (Tokyo)Fukushima T, Hojo H4/11/20053/29/2007
US 20070066521

A method of inhibiting the effects of miRNA and/or small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) on gene expression that comprises providing to a system a protein which comprises a sequence of 140 amino acids (SEQ ID NO: 1; A-AC4) or 100 amino acids (SEQ ID NO: 2; S-AC4).


Fauquet CMFauquet CM4/13/20053/22/2007
US 20070059739, WO 2007032817

A method of purifying mature miRNAs comprises lysing the sample, degrading the additional nucleic acids and liberating the mature miRNAs.


Applera (Foster City, CA, USA)Lao KQ9/12/20053/15/2007, 3/22/2007
US 20070054287

Diagnosing a biological condition, e.g., cancer, comprising amplifying a target miRNA from a test sample to provide a derived miRNA quantity, where the target miRNA is from a tissue of interest, comparing the derived miRNA quantity to an expectation miRNA quantity from a background tissue, and diagnosing the biological condition.


Applera (Foster City, CA, USA)Bloch W5/31/20053/8/2007
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