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Monday, 23 March 2009 08:56
Patent #SubjectAssignee(s)Inventor(s)Priority application datePublication date

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US 20080054913, WO 2008030503

A candidate drug screening method for iontophoretic delivery, involving applying alternating current to a bulk solution, and ranking the drug candidate based on the measured impedance response of the bulk solutionincluding the drug candidate.


Transcu Ltd. (Singapore)Smith GA9/5/20063/6/2008, 3/13/2008
US 7338775

Determining activity of an ATPase or kinase that catalyzes a biochemical reaction producing adenosine diphosphate (ADP); useful in drug screening.


Myriad Genetics (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)Hunsaker T, Ostanin K2/9/20053/4/2008
WO 2008024473

Mapping genomic interactions for use in diagnostics, drug screening or research studies by contacting a genomic interaction library with unique primers and amplifying the second genomic library with a single pair of PCR primers.


University of Massachusetts Medical School (Shrewsbury, MA, USA)Dekker J, Dostie J8/24/20062/28/2008
JP 2008022743

A spheroid useful in drug screening, toxicity evaluation of therapeutic agents and generating pathological condition model animals. The spheroid is anchored to the solid phase and contains an exogenous cell coagulant.


Scivax KK (Sakado, Japan)Gocho T, Ozawa F, Shimada J, Tanaka S7/19/20062/7/2008
US 20080027651

A potential efficacy-determining method for treating neural disorders, for example, schizophrenia, involving determining the outcome-representing efficacy of a test composition for treating a disorder; the method allows rapid screening of chemical compositions for various psychiatric and neurological disorders, even when no suitable animal models exist, so that the accuracy of screening of the drug compositions is improved.


Matthysse S, Siekmeier PMatthysse S, Siekmeier P11/14/20051/31/2008
WO 2007132526

A shuttle-type conveyor for use in the drug screening field; has a controller that controls the shuttle transfer portion to remove and convey microplates to a delivery stand by raising or lowering the base.


Is Technology (Tokodai, Japan), Rorze Corp. (Hiroshima, Japan)Munakata T, Yamasaki Y, Yamashita S5/16/200611/22/2007
US 20070269834

A screening method for a drug candidate agent or composition of more than one drug candidate agent of possible clinical value in the treatment of a neurological disease, comprising using an indicator system for explicitly measuring stress protein expression or other protein modifications indicative of oxidative stress in the cultured fibroblast cells to identify as a drug candidate.


Shapiro HKShapiro HK8/25/200311/22/2007
JP 2007304783

A design-of-experiment method for drug screening, involving allocating a predicted value to experiment candidate data for generating new training data and repeating this process until storing a preset number of experiment candidate data.


NEC (Tokyo)Osoda T5/10/200611/22/2007
JP 2007278960

A cell electrophysiology sensor with an opening of a through-hole provided in the wall surface that is opened towards the through-hole of the holding plate; for drug screening in pharmacology.


Matsushita Denki Sangyo (Osaka, Japan)Hiraoka S, Nakatani M, Ushio K4/11/200610/25/2007
US 20070218475

A method of identifying an agent that binds to a protein identifying chemical ligands for cellular proteins by contacting a cell containing a pharmacologically relevant protein with labeled agents, and detecting binding of agents to the cell.


Beachy PA, Chen JK, Taipale AJNBeachy PA, Chen JK, Taipale AJN11/22/20059/20/2007
WO 2007090649

A bioelectronic device comprising a cell and an extracellular planar potential-sensitive electrode; useful as a sensor or in a drug screening procedure.


The Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science (Munich)Fromherz P, Peitz I2/10/20068/16/2007
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