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Monday, 23 March 2009 08:56
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WO 2006123148, EP 1886107

An electromagnetic radiation pulse (e.g., ultraviolet pulse)-measuring apparatus having a beam-splitter that splits the pulse into two sub-pulses, where spectrally-sheared up-converted replicas of the pulse are produced; useful for telecommunication, material processing and biological imaging.


Isis Innovation (Oxford, UK)Gorya S, Radunsky AS, Walmsley IA5/20/200511/23/2006, 2/3/2008
US 20080009558, WO 2008008559

A method of preparing polymer nanoparticles for biological imaging, involving producing a mixture of acrylate, polymerization initiator that is activated by microwave irradiation, cross-linker that creates intra-particle cross-links during polymerization and water based solvent.


Regents of the University of California (Oakland, CA, USA)An Z, Hawker C, Stucky G7/10/20061/10/2008, 1/17/2008
US 20070159694

An optical beam with an inhomogeneous polarization state in which polarization rotates in a continuous and counterclockwise manner while traversing a circular path around a beam axis in a clockwise direction; used for optical inspection, lithography and biological imaging, such as confocal microscopy for dark-field confocal inspection of biological samples and spectroscopic imaging.


University of Rochester (Rochester, NY, USA)Biss DP, Brown TG1/12/20047/12/2007
US 7232913

A novel chromophore used as a photo polymerization initiator for a composition used for biological imaging.


Bazan GC, Benmansour H, Gorohmaru H, Hong W, Koehler B, Kojima T, Maeda S, Mikhailovsky A, Shigeiwa M, Woo HY, Regents of the University of California (Oakland, CA, USA)


Bazan GC, Benmansour H, Gorohmaru H, Hong JW, Koehler B, Kojima T, Maeda S, Mikhailovsky A, Shigeiwa M, Woo HY9/28/20046/19/2007
US 20070122440

A method of producing nanoparticles as micro-reactor vessels by combining two reactant mixtures and flash precipitating under conditions to react the polymeric reactants and form precipitated nanoparticles comprising a block and/or graft copolymer.


Anacker J, Hoye TR, Macosko CW, Prud HRKAnacker J, Hoye TR, Macosko CW, Prud HRK7/20/20055/31/2007
CN 1967248

A biologically functional fluorescent magnetic nanometer particle and its preparation method and application. The particle has core-shell structure, including fluorescent material and magnetic material of the kernel layer; the shell layer formed by fluorescent transparent material; and the modified layer above the shell layer surface with an organic functional group.


Shanghai Normal University (Shanghai)Chen W, Shen H, Zhou L, Zhu L11/15/20055/23/2007
WO 2007054552, FR 2893131

A nanoparticles quantifying and/or detecting method for in vitro diagnosis, etc., involving illuminating through an upper or lower surface of a flat solid support, made of glass, using a white light source or polychromatic light to illuminate the nanoparticles present on the upper surface.


Centre National Recherche Scientifique (Paris)Fort E, Le Moal ER, Leveque-Fort SP, Ricolleau C11/9/20055/18/2007, 5/11/2007
US 20070034011

A dynamic focusing apparatus that has an annular transducer, transmitter and receiver. The annular transducer includes different frequency responses at different surface positions and adjusts frequency characteristics of a transmit waveform or receive filter; used for ultrasonic imaging, for example, in biological or medical imaging and non-destructive testing.


Li PLi P7/25/20052/15/2007
CN 1885347

A method for using dynamic digit model to detect CT angiography reconstruction algorithm performance.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Shanghai)Liu Z, Zhao J, Zhuang T7/6/200612/27/2006
US 20060118696

A near-field imaging apparatus useful in a system for collecting image data of macromolecules, comprises a near-field microscope and a precision optical probe coupled to the microscope for noninvasively imaging inside a cell without destruction.


O'Connell D, O'Connell-Rodwell C, Nanopoint (Honolulu, HI, USA)O'Connell D, O'Connell-Rodwell C11/8/20016/8/2006
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