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Monday, 23 March 2009 08:52
Patent numberDescriptionAssigneeInventorPriorityapplication datePublication date

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GB 2445213,
DE 102007054065,
US 20080160615,
JP 2008161184

In vitro flavonoid-rich tissue from Neomarica gracilis having antitumor activity, obtained from a tissue culture preparation, which alters flavonoid content of N. gracilis, where flavonoids-rich tissue comprises tectorigenin; useful as a cytostatic, antibacterial and/or fungicide.


Tatung Co.,
Tatung University,
Tatung Holdings Co. (Taipei, Taiwan)
Chu T, Ho C12/29/20067/2/2008,
US 20080160560

A new in vitro resveratrol-rich callus tissue derived from Vitis thunbergii Sieb. et Zucc. induced in a tissue culture system containing one or more plant growth regulators; useful for callus induction and producing resveratrol.


Ho C, Kuo HHo C, Kuo H1/3/20077/3/2008
WO 2008073331,
US 20080152630

A method for generating and expanding tissue-progenitor cells or mature tissue cells in culture,comprising culturing intact bone marrow or intact umbilical cord tissue in a cell differentiation medium.


Ginis I, Schwartz A, Shinar D, Shirvan M, Teva Pharmaceuticals (Petah Tikva, Israel and North Wales,PA, USA)Ginis I,Schwartz A,Shinar D,Shirvan M12/7/20066/19/2008,
EP 1930411,
WO 2008068776

A method of preparing a three-dimensional tissue equivalent comprising a cellular sheet of cells,comprising culturing cells onto the surface of the porous scaffold or matrix; useful for therapy such as treating or dressing a wound.


Reliance Life Science (Mumbai)Deshpande MS, Kuchroo PV, Manisha SD, Pralhad BW,Pushpa VK,Rao SH,Sitahmraju HR, Wangikar PB12/8/20066/11/2008,
JP 2008106064

An enhancer of tissue plasminogen activatorproduced by heat processing Bacillus natto culture solution; useful as a pharmaceutical or foodstuff for preventing thrombotic diseases.


Honda Trading KK (Tokyo), Sumi YSumi Y9/28/20065/8/2008
JP 2008086509

A composition for regenerating periodontal-tissue(e.g., gum) comprising a culture medium having acell suspension of human periodontal membranepositioned on the upper region and a chemotaxissubstance blended on the lower region of the medium.


Sun Medical KK (Morioka, Japan)Munakata M, Tajima K, Tsuchiya Y9/29/20064/17/2008
CN 101152580

A tissue-engineered skin manufacturing methodinvolving obtaining skin tissue, confecting anepidermal stem suspension with a specifiedconcentration, adding epidermal stem cells into atissue culture medium and carrying the cell viasubmerged culture.


Lu HLu HI, Wang X9/13/20074/2/2008
CN 101142897

A method for inducing and tissue culturing ofadventitious Pseudostellaria root, comprisingculturing root callus in an induction culturemedium and culturing the root in solid culturemedium and then in liquid culture mediumcontaining phytohormones.


Shanghai Jiaotong University (Shanghai)Gao X, Jia W,Zhao A11/8/20073/19/2008
CN 101138321

Virus-free tissue culture and rapid propagation of sugarcane, comprising preparing a culture medium, selecting explant, sterilization, induction cultureof callus, differentiation culture, rooting cultureand transplantation.


Zhejiang Academyof Agricultural Sciences(Zhejiang, China)Chen J, Jiang Y,Lu Y, Mu H, Xu G8/22/20073/12/2008
WO 2007139989

A method for preparing a sample such as a cellular sample, tissue sample, cell culture or cellularextract for analysis by mass spectroscopy, involving treating the sample with a fixative and analysis-enhancing material at temperature.


Brigham andWomen's Hospital (Boston), Brandeis University (Waltham, MA, USA)Agar JN, Agar NYR, Black PM5/26/200612/6/2007
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