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Monday, 23 March 2009 08:48
Patent numberDescriptionAssigneeInventorPriority application datePublication date

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WO 2008101667, US 20080249014

A method of obtaining highly purified hydrophobic protein comprising extracting the retentate by microdiafiltration using a buffer-solution containing a detergent and subjecting the filtrate to hydroxyapatite column chromatography.


Baxter Healthcare SA (Wallisellen, Switzerland), Baxter International (Deerfield, IL, USA), Mitterer A, Tauer CMitterer A, Tauer C2/22/20078/28/2008, 9/19/2008
US 20080221026

A method of manufacturing a nematode-extracted anticoagulant protein (NAP) drug substance comprising fermenting, recovering NAP from cells and cellular debris, and purifying the NAP drug substance away from contaminants.


Dendreon (Seattle)Lidell J, Mendoza CB, Moss D5/15/20039/11/2008
US 20080221309

A new biologically active recombinant antibody or biologically active recombinant antibody fragment, used diagnostically/prognostically, therapeutically, for imaging, and/or for affinity purification of proteins.


Pastorek J, Pastorekova S, Zavada JPastorek J, Pastorekova S, Zavada J3/11/19929/11/2008
WO 2008104606

Producing multimers of immunoglobulins in a cultured cell by co-expressing heavy chain, light chain and J chain and the endoplasmic reticulum Golgi intermediate compartment (ERGIC)-53 protein and purifying the cell culture supernatant.


Fondazione Centro San Raffaele del Monte Tabor (Milan)Anelli T, Sitia RM3/1/20079/4/2008
US 20080203351, CN 101241788

A magnetic nanocrystal, where the surface of the nanocrystal is bonded with a biocompatible macromolecule and an alkyl-containing molecule simultaneously; useful, for example, in biological applications such as DNA/RNA, protein and cell separation and purification.


Institute of Chemistry, The Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing), Gao M, Hu F, Liu S, Lu XGao M, Hu F, Liu S, Lu X1/15/20078/28/2008, 8/13/2008
WO 2008097870, US 20080206262

A method for increasing the effectiveness of antigen presentation comprising isolating and purifying a dendritic cell asialoglyco protein receptor (DC-ASGPR)-specific antibody or its fragment.


Baylor Research Institute (Dallas)Banchereau JF, Li D, Oh S, Zurawski G, Zurawski S2/2/20078/14/2008, 8/28/2008
WO 2008097829

Producing an active mammalian N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase I (GnT1) protein in bacteria comprising expressing the mammalian GnT1 protein in bacteria and solubilizing, refolding and purifying the soluble mammalian GnT1 protein.


Neose Technologies (Horsham, PA, USA)Johnson KF, Schwartz MF, Wu B2/2/20078/14/2008
WO 2008091740, US 20080193981

A method for purifying antibodies comprising adjusting the acidity or salt concentration of a mixture containing an antibody, adding a negatively or positively charged polyelectrolyte, and separating the protein-polyelectrolyte precipitate.


Genentech (So. San Francisco, CA, USA), Fahrner RL, Franklin J, McDonald P, Peram T, Sisodiya V, Victa CFahrner RL, Franklin J, McDonald P, Peram T, Sisodiya V, Victa C1/22/20077/31/2008, 8/14/2008
CN 101195651

A method of protein concentration/purification comprising using the difference between the charge properties of protein and amino acid ions under the action of an electric field and through gel crossover to move the protein from one container to another.


Guilin Medical College (Guangxi, China)Chen S, Chou X, Li S, Lu M, Shi W6/8/20076/11/2008
CN 101157059

A non-aperture amphoteric ion-exchange biological separating medium used for separating and purifying protein, enzyme and products.


Ningxia University (Yinchuan, China)Gong B8/15/20074/9/2008
EP 1876183, WO 2008003707

New factor VIII ligand peptide compounds useful for producing, labeling, detecting, diagnosing, monitoring, identifying, isolating, purifying, stabilizing and/or enhancing the activity of factor VIII or VIII-like protein and treat hemophilia A.


Technische Universitat Munchen (Munich)Hauser C, Kessler H, Khrenov A, Knoer S, Saenko E7/4/20061/9/2008, 1/10/2008
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