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Monday, 23 March 2009 08:44
Patent #SubjectAssignee(s)Inventor(s)Priority application datePublication date

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WO 2007034784

A connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) gene expression inhibitor comprising pyrrole imidazole polyamide having N-methyl pyrrole, N-methyl imidazole and gamma-aminobutryic acid units; useful for treating CTGF-associated disease.


Gentier Biosystems (Tokyo), Nihon University (Tokyo)Fukuda N, Sugiyama H, Ueno T9/20/20053/29/2007
WO 2007035950

A method of screening a library of RNA interference agents to identify an RNA interference agent or a cocktail of RNA interference agents that can inhibit expression of a first target gene, involving contacting the RNA interference agent or cocktail of RNA interference agents with cells organized in a matrix and detecting a change in expression of the first target gene in the cells or a change in the cells' phenotype.


B-Bridge International (Mountain View, CA, USA)Eguchi Y, Mizutani T, Shibamoto S9/23/20053/29/2007
US 20070036771

A method of regulating gene expression comprising introducing to gene depositories recombinant virus comprising an expression cassette including the regulatable transcription control element operably linked to an open reading frame of interest.


Cardiac Pacemakers (Minneapolis, MN, USA)Girouard SD, Heil RW, Qu J, Ross J, Sih HJ, Wagner DO8/12/20052/15/2007
US 20070031356

A method of screening for a compound that modulates an effect of UV irradiation by comparing the gene expression profiles of the cell contacted with thecompound before UV irradiation with those of control cells.


Buchwald HP, Goralczyk R, Hunziker W, Neeb M, Riss G, Seifert N, Steiner G, Wertz KBuchwald HP, Goralczyk R, Hunziker W, Neeb M, Riss G, Seifert N, Steiner G, Wertz K6/30/20062/8/2007
WO 2007045681, EP 1777291

A method for recovering RNA from a formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded biological tissue sample for studying gene expression in tumor tissues, involving de-paraffinizing the sample, contacting with a solution containing proteinase K, heating and adding proteinase K.


Fundacion para la Investigacion Clinica y Molecular del Cancer de Pulmon (Barcelona, Spain)Rosell Costa RC,Taron Roca MC10/20/200510/19/2006, 10/20/2005
WO 2007047706

A method for inducing expression of a target protein comprising contacting the host cell with an agent, which suppresses the nonsense mutation. This gene regulation method does not rely on the control of transcription; useful in the study of gene expression.


Children's Hospital Medical Center (Boston, MA, USA)Mulligan R, Murphy GJ10/17/200510/17/2006
CN 1844387

An antisense oligonucleotide structure inhibiting expression of SIRT1 and used for treating lung, hepatic and pancreatic cancers.


Institute of Radiation Medicine (Beijing, PRC)Bo X, Lin R, Lou S, Sun D, Wang S4/26/200610/11/2006
WO 2007039454

A method of silencing or attenuating expression of a target gene for conferring in plants a trait, e.g., disease resistance by introducing or expressing into the plant a chimeric ribonucleotide sequence comprising a modified ta-siRNA sequence.


BASF Plant Science (Ludwigshafen, Germany)McMillan J, Ren P, Song H, Wang Y9/20/20059/20/2006
US 20070089203

A new stress-responsive promoter polynucleotide useful in conferring in a plant a desired trait, preferably increased dehydration stress tolerance or increased mechanical stress tolerance.


Bryant CJ, Elborough KM, Phillips JR, Puthigae S, Smith-Espinoza CJ, South CRBryant CJ, Elborough KM, Phillips JR, Puthigae S, Smith-Espinoza CJ, South CR8/9/20058/8/2006
WO 2007019062

A new isolated and purified zinc-finger polypeptide comprising a nucleotide binding region of 5 to 10 amino acid residues; useful as a gene expression regulator for treating cancer, for example.


Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, CA, USA)Barbas CF, Dreier B8/11/20057/26/2006
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