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Sunday, 07 March 2010 21:15



eBioCenter Corporation
 (“eBioCenter”) is a web-based information services and e-marketing solution provider. By applying our knowledge database, e-commerce system, and marketing expertise, eBioCenter facilitates the meeting of users and vendors for the purposes of gathering information, selling and purchasing products and services, and conducting business activities. eBioCenter is committed to enabling the most-effective methods of business to customer (B to C), business to business (B to B), and customer to business (C to B) interactions.


Why Advertising at eBioCenter?


Currently, eBioCenter possesses the following subsidiary websites and daily newsletters that accept advertisements. All of these websites have different functions and target visitors:


eBioNews:  serves as news media that focuses on presenting a broad range of news on research, technologies, business, finance, and events in the fields of life sciences and biotechnology. 

eBioPoster: is designed to promote scientific information sharing and peers communication through online poster presentation. Companies’ products-related posters can be presented at this website.

eBioMall: provides our customers with a user-friendly platform to facilitate search, comparison, and purchase of biological products.

eBioShow:  organizes the presentation and display of technologies, products, services, and resources from member companies through virtual exhibition hall.

eBioCenter: is an overall website of eBioCenter Corporation and a web portal to subsidiary websites.

eBioNewsLetter: is distributed to our life science-related readers with daily-based news abstract in all categories in eBioNews.

Specifically, our eBioNewsletters are sent out to more than 200,000 readers per week. These receivers are mostly principal investigators and research scientists in life science-related institutes and industries who decide and perform the purchase of biological reagents, products and instruments. Moreover, our newsletters are designed and distributed to targeted readers whose research fields are selected for the news arrangement. Therefore, the opening rate and reading rate are much higher than that of other Newsletters. Ads will be arranged in certain versions of eBioNewsletter based on product categories.


Advertising Types (Download detailed e-marketing services and prices here)

1.       Banner and Tower Ads

Promote your products, events, services and other messages to life science related customers and scientists via flash, animated banners and static banners in eBioCenter subsidiary websites and eBio Newsletters. 

2.    Text Advertising

Text advertising can be arranged in eBio Newsletters and eBioNews as latest news release.

3.    New Products Press Release

This advertising is titled and summarized in new product release window in eBioNews homepage with full text press release in linked page. 

4.       Slideshow News Release

Slideshow news release is shown in eBioNews and eBioCenter homepage websites as picture slide display with full text news release in linked page. This service is free of charge.

5.   Targeted E-mail Campaign

This service provides you with personalized e-mail lead generation, e-mail blast campaigns, and statistical monitoring of the responses and results of your e-mail blasts based on our over one million life science-related e-mail addresses and customer specific data in our E-mail Account Database (EADB) and Account Profiling System (APS). The percentage (%) of each geographic region in our database is summarized as blow.

North America 43%

Europe 32%

Japan 8%

Asia 11%

Rest of World 6%

eBioCenter invites you to use our e-marketing services. We also provide custom service on specific projects and assist our clients in building your internet marketing plans and programs. Details can be provided upon request.  Contact Us


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