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Swine Flu Daily Update Issued At: 11am Monday 30 November 2009, Wales PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 06:05
The NPHS influenza surveillance scheme, which records reports of diagnoses of flu from more than 300 GP practices across Wales, shows that the rate of influenza consultation remains stable. Further detail can be found on the NPHS website.

-- The report from 26 November estimates there were 41.4 cases of a flu-like illness diagnosed by GPs out of every 100,000 people in Wales - this is the equivalent of 1,242 people in Wales contacting their GPs in the last seven days with flu like symptoms. Not all of these people will have swine flu and not everyone with flu like symptoms will contact their GP.
Last Minute Swine Flu Warning To British Hajj Pilgrims PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 November 2009 05:15
Health experts from the Association of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) UK (ABH), a National Hajj specific organisation express their grave concern about the safety and wellbeing of over 25,000 British Hajj pilgrims who will start travelling from next week to join more than 2 million people from all over the world to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage.
Welsh Assembly Government Statement On Swine Flu PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 11:27
This statement updates Members on the Influenza A (H1N1) swine flu outbreak and the latest developments in Wales, across the UK and internationally.
Total Confirmed Human Swine Flu Cases Jumps To 4,250 In The UK PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 13:21
An additional 535 confirmed human cases of Swine Flu A(H1N1) cases have been confirmed in the England, plus 111 in Scotland, 5 in Northern Ireland, and 3 in Wales, bringing the UK total so far since April 2009 to 4,250, says the Health Protection Agency (HPA).
H1N1 Spread Continues Worldwide; First Death In Asia Confirmed PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 June 2009 16:23

The H1N1 (swine flu) virus has now infected more than 52,000 people, leaving 231 dead, the WHO said Monday, AFP/Washington Post reports. "Swine flu has now been reported in 100 countries and territories, and figures yet to be incorporated into the U.N. health agency's official figures indicate an even higher toll," AFP/Washington Post writes, adding, "The WHO said, however, that its figures could not be considered reliable because some countries were no longer keeping total figures while other poor countries did not have the means to reliably detect cases." Since Friday, the number of cases has grown by more than 7,873 cases and 51 deaths, "highlighting the steady spread of the virus," the newspaper writes (AFP/Washington Post, 6/23).

Chicago Woman Dies Of Swine Flu After Giving Birth PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 June 2009 16:10
The new H1N1 swine flu virus claimed the life of a 20-year old Chicago woman on Saturday, one day after giving birth to a baby via Cesarean section at the city's University of Illinois Medical Center, according to local news.
WHO Closer To Declaring Swine Flu Outbreak A Pandemic PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 June 2009 16:07

The WHO on Tuesday said it was "getting closer" to declaring the H1N1 (swine) flu outbreak to be a pandemic, as the virus continues to spread to people outside of North America, and in populations "as far apart as Britain, Spain, Japan, Chile and Australia," the AP/Washington Post reports (Jordans, AP/Washington Post, 6/2).

Over 15,510 Bird Flu A(H1N1) Human Cases Confirmed Worldwide, Including 99 Deaths PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 02 June 2009 17:38
The WHO (World Health Organization) reported yesterday evening that the total number of swine flu A(H1N1) confirmed human cases of infection has exceeded 15,510, including 99 deaths. The real figure is higher because there is a delay between local health authority reports and the WHO global report. The A(H1N1) influenza virus is nowhere near as virulent (aggressive, dangerous) as was originally feared. Experts say it is not more deadly than normal seasonal human influenza.
Second Pediatric Death From H1N1 Virus Was Ten Year Old Girl PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 June 2009 17:35
The Pima County Health Department is releasing additional information regarding the second pediatric death of complications from the H1N1 virus. The ten year old girl became ill on May 12, 2009 and passed away on May 17, 2009.
New H1N1 Cases Continue to Rise Worldwide PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 May 2009 15:32
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cases of the new H1N1 swine flu virus are continuing to rise, with more countries infected and 5 more deaths in Mexico, where the vast majority of fatal cases have occurred so far.
House Legislation Seeks 5 Days Of Sick Leave For Workers PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 November 2009 05:17

The New York Times reports: "In an effort to rein in the spread of the H1N1 Flu, Representative George Miller, the chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, introduced legislation on Tuesday that would guarantee five paid sick days for workers sent home by their employers with a contagious illness. Mr. Miller, Democrat of California, voiced concern that more than 40 million workers did not have paid sick days and that many workers coming into contact with public - like restaurant or school cafeteria employees - would go to work with H1N1 and spread the virus if they could not afford to stay home.

Swine Influenza Daily Update: 13 July 2009, Wales PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 18:15
The NPHS influenza surveillance scheme, which records reports of diagnoses of flufrom more than 300 GP practices across Wales, shows low levels of influenza
U.S. Swine Flu Cases Reach One Million PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 13:39

The Associated Press/Washington Post reported that U.S. health officials on Thursday said they believe as many as 1 million Americans have been infected with H1N1 and "6 percent or more of some urban populations are infected." The estimates were based upon survey data collected by health officials and mathematical modeling.

27,717 Swine Flu Cases Including 127 Deaths In USA So Far - Could Be One Million PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 13:20
According to the CDC's (Center for Disease Control and Prevention's) Friday evening weekly update, 27th June 2009, there have been 27,717 laboratory confirmed human cases including 127 deaths of Swine Flu or A(H1N1) influenza. Fortunately, so far the Swine Flu A(H1N1) virus appears to be no more virulent than ordinary seasonal human influenza. No reports have come in indicating that the virus may have mutated.
Swine Flu Expected To Continue Through The Summer, US PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 19 June 2009 13:58
Health officials said on Thursday that it looks like the novel H1N1 swine flu virus will continue to spread in the US through the summer months, and then resurge in the autumn. This is different to the previous expectation that the swine flu virus would follow a seasonal flu pattern: abate in the northern hemisphere as it approached the summer, spend a few months in southern hemisphere countries that are now approaching winter, and then return to the northern hemisphere in the fall.
First Confirmed Case Of 2009 H1N1 Flu In Navajo County PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 June 2009 16:09
Navajo County Public Health Services District officials announced today the first case of 2009 H1N1 in Navajo County. The Arizona Department of Health Services Lab confirmed that an 18 year old patient at Little Colorado Medical Center tested positive for the illness. The patient has subsequently been treated and released.
Bird Flu Virus Remains Infectious Up To 600 Days In Municipal Landfills PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 June 2009 17:39
Amid concerns about a pandemic of swine flu, researchers from Nebraska report for the first time that poultry carcasses infected with another threat - the "bird flu" virus - can remain infectious in municipal landfills for almost 2 years. Their report is scheduled for the June 15 issue of ACS' semi-monthly journal Environmental Science & Technology.
First Novel H1N1 Influenza Cases Confirmed In Baldwin, Colbert And Dale Counties PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 June 2009 17:36
The Alabama Department of Public Health has confirmed its first novel H1N1 influenza cases in Baldwin, Colbert and Dale counties. As of May 29, there are 85 confirmed and 9 probable cases of novel H1N1 influenza in the state. No deaths have been associated with the virus in Alabama.
First Confirmed Case of H1N1 Flu in Coconino County PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 15:45
Coconino County Health Department (CCHD) officials announced today the first case of H1N1 (swine) flu in Coconino County. The Arizona Department of Health Services Lab confirmed that a 24 year-old male from the Navajo Nation has tested positive for the illness. The man went to the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation Emergency Department with flu-like symptoms and was tested. He is now recovering from the illness.
Global Confirmed Swine Flu Cases Nears 10,000 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 May 2009 17:51

According to WHO (World Health Organization), the total number of confirmed swine flu A(H1N1) cases of human infections stands at 9,830, including 79 deaths. The numbers of confirmed cases are rising by approximately 1,000 per day, says WHO. Japan has seen confirmed cases rise sharply over the last few days.

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