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Innovators In Breast Ultrasound Screening Webcast Focuses On New Approaches To Breast Cancer Screening PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 23 June 2011 05:33
20110623rfbi02Jefferson Radiology, the largest radiology private practice group in Connecticut, and U-Systems, the leader in automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) technology, today announced the launch of the "Innovators in Breast Ultrasound Screening" webcast, focusing on new approaches to breast cancer screening.

The first module in a series of educational tools for breast imagers, radiologists, and referring physicians, the webcast highlights how leading innovators in breast imaging are applying new 3D technology aimed at improving patient outcomes, expanding their clinical practice, and meeting new legislative requirements.

Available at, the webcast was recorded during a recent live course in Hartford, Connecticut. Educational content features guidance on identifying the type of women who would benefit from adjunctive breast screening and why; and detailed analysis of the clinical data supporting the use of automated 3D ultrasound for women with dense breast tissue.

"The 'Innovators in Breast Ultrasound Screening' webcast is designed to help provide a foundation for implementation of an adjunctive screening service into routine clinical practice," said Ron Ho, president and CEO, U-Systems. "We are proud to work with Jefferson Radiology, which has already demonstrated pioneering leadership in breast ultrasound screening, to develop critical educational content featuring world renowned breast imaging experts."

The "Innovators in Breast Ultrasound Screening" webcast faculty includes:

László Tabár, MD, one of the world's eminent leaders in the field of breast imaging, Dr. Tabár is the Medical Director for the Mammography Department at Central Hospital, Falun, Sweden. During the past 27 years, Dr. Tabár has read more than 1 million mammograms. Dr. Tabár shares his experience on imaging women with dense breasts using a multi-modality approach to breast cancer screening.

Marc Inciardi, MD, is a leader in the Kansas City area in breast imaging and minimally invasive biopsy techniques. His clinical practice is focused on Breast Cancer, Mammography, MRI/Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound, and Diagnostic Radiology. Dr. Inciardi shares his experience with automated breast ultrasound.

Jinnah Phillips, MD, is the Director of Breast Imaging for a pioneering, high-volume breast ultrasound screening program at Jefferson Radiology in Farmington, CT. Dr. Phillips explains how automated 3D breast ultrasound benefits both patients and providers in real-world clinical practice.

Jefferson Radiology

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