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DyLight ® conjugated Fluorescent Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 04 January 2011 22:06

DyLight Fluorescent Dyes - High Intensity, Photostable

DyLight conjugated RabMAbs ® provides the combined benefits of Epitomics Rabbit Monoclonal technology and highly functional DyLight fluorphores together for a high performance primary antibodies ideal for demanding Immunofluorescent and Flow Cytometry applications.

DyLight Dyes exhibit higher fluorescence intensity and photostability compared to traditionally available fluorescent dyes such as Alexa Fluor*, CyDye* and LI-COR* Dyes in various applications. Additionally, DyLight dyes remains highly fluorescent over a broad pH range (pH 4-9).

Benefits of DyLight conjugated RabMAbs ®:

* Bright fluorescence intense emission provides superior sensitivity and requires less conjugate
* Excellent photostability exceptional resistance to photobleaching enables fluorescence imaging under the most demanding conditions
* Narrow emission spectra minimal bleed-through between fluorophore channels enables multi-color detection
* Buffer stability DyLight fluorescent dyes are stable at broad pH range (pH 4-9)
* High Affinity and Specificity of Rabbit Monoclonal strong specific signal with no or minimal background noise


Source: Epitomics, Inc.


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